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  • Up to 50 cardholders
  • Pass Designer
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Email support


  • Up to 500 cardholders
  • Pass Designer
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Custom delivery emails
  • Custom download page
  • Pass validator app (soon)
  • Compatibility with any smartphone
  • We can do the setup work for you!
  • Email support
  • Phone support
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Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No. You can sign up and use Captain Pass for 3O days without entering your credit card details. At the end of your trial, you will be automatically enrolled to the 'Forever Free' Plan. Note that you can enter your credit card details at anytime and select the plan you prefer.

What is the duration of your plans?

All Captain Pass plans are month to month. You can cancel at any time.

Can I change my plan later on?

You can switch plan anytime using your control panel.

What do you do with my customers data?

Nothing. Your customers belong to you, so your data. We do not sell any data, and will never do.

What do you mean by number of cardholders?

Cardolders are the number of customers to whom you send a pass or a card. We only account for customers / cardholers that are active.

Unlimited updates, what is that?

Here is a case: you create a discount coupon that you send to your customers. You can update the data on the coupon as much as you want, for, say, market a new discount or a new special offer, as many times as you want.

Unlimited notifications, what is that?

Once a customer has installed one of your coupon or loyalty card on his mobile, using Passbook™, you can send him or her an alert message, or notification, in order to let him/her know about the new deal or a new reward. And that’s unlimited.